Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Are you thinking how this crazy idea hit me?. If yes, then better ask the same question to Divya of Dil Se. I was very tempted by her 'Show me your lunchbox' event.More than the event I was so impressed by the logo. Its so cut an idea. Kudos to you Divya!!!. With that said, I would like to display the pics of all the lunchboxes. Don't ever wonder how I prepared all this in one single day, as I didn't. As per the rules of the event, I need not post the recipe, just the menu that's it. So not going to bother you with a big lecture on the ingredients and the method. Just enjoy seeing the pics and the menu. Would be glad if you try these combination for your lunchbox too, as I guess, you would know most of the recipes.

Date: 11th Nov 2009


Mooli Parata
Palak, Paneer and Aloo Masala
Okra fry
Curd Rice
Homemade Tomato Onion Pickle
Carrot Juice


Date: Nov 12th 2009


Sambhar Vada
Onion Sambhar
Kasi Halwa..:)


Date: Nov 13th 2009


Pudhina Pulav
Curd Rice
Pudina and Coriander Chutney


Date:Nov 14th 2009


Onion Vethakozhambu
Spinach Masiyal
Plaintain Podimass


Date: Nov 18th 2009


Cluster Beans Sambhar
Brinjal fry

Sending these combination to 'Show Me Your Lunchbox' event hosted by Divya Vikram.

(Look for that cute logo in the event site.....:))


  1. kothiyavunu said...
    Omg, am hungry now..Such a delicious recipes!!Perfect for the event.....U r rocking gal!
    Rekha shoban said...
    delicious and yummy lunchbox menu....
    Sushma Mallya said...
    oh thats a yummy meal in each lunch boxes...everything looks delicious and perfect for the event as well
    Padhu said...
    Looking at your lunchboxes makes me feel hungry.
    Do drop by my blog .
    Anonymous said...
    Your lunchboxes are certainly more interesting than my own! Thanks for sharing.
    Malar Gandhi said...
    Lovely way to pack lunch! Love mooli parathas... wish to go to school again...if someone packs me like this, he he:)
    Kanchan said...
    Wonderful entries !!
    Nothing can get better here .. would have loved if you would have givesn the recipes also :)
    But appreciate your hardwork !
    Priya said...
    Lovely spread, loved ur lunch box menus..
    Sh... said...
    Thanks so much...Priya, foodshots,Padhu,Sushma, Rekha and kothiyavunu
    Kanchan: Thanks so much. I thought of writing recipes too. But it would have been a lengthy post and I probably would have sat the entire day typing them..:). Shall definitely shall try to write the recipes and link it to the post very soon.
    Malar: I m glad mooli paratha came out well. I usually cook the radish. This time I made the filling with raw radish. It tasted awesome...!!

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