Monday, November 16, 2009

Ur guess is right!!!

Thought would try something different than the usual posting of recipes. Here, I want you all to let me know the name of this recipe and the secret ingredient.

Sugar, Ghee, Food color, cardamom + a secret ingredient is all is required to prepare this attractive sweet. So easy to make(this is my first try and it came out perfect) and tastes heavenly. Can you make a guess???

Somemore clue:
Its served in most of the south Indian weddings but strangely has a north indian name

Read below for the name and the secret ingredient. And of course the recipe

Kudos!!! to Sushma for making the right guess. I was not in a mood to make a post today. After reading that lovely comment from Malar, who could ever resist from this blog world. Was so glad to know that there were few souls who were waiting for a reply. 

Its 'Kasi Halwa' and the secret ingredient is ash pumpkin(pushani kai). Sorry gals if the color misguided you. Its not my fault, I had mentioned about the food color(proof above)...:). I didn't have any plans of giving a gift or award for this. Sorry again for not mentioning about it previously. Let me c if I can give something like that in future. Now lets look at the recipe



Ash pumpkin - 1 cup(shredded)
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Ghee - 2 tbsp
cashews - as u like(I didn't add any as I was lazy to crush them)
food color - a pinch
cardamom - few pinches


1. My carrot grater didn't work for pumpkin. So I cut  the pumpkin into very fine pieces using knife. Grate it if yours is not as aweful as mine.
2. Pressure cook this without adding water until 1 whistle.
3. Allow it to cool. and squeeze out the juice and keep aside.(I ran this in a mixer as I preferred a smooth texture)
4. To the juice add sugar and allow it to boil.
5. When the sugar has dissolved add the cooked ash pumpkin paste.
6. Stir till the paste starts to stick to the vessel.
7. Now add ghee and stir for few more min.
Note: Looks like the halwa will retain its texture even if cooked for few more min. So  dont worry about the right time.
8. Switch off the flame and add cardamom and garnish with cashews.
9. Do take a pic and post it in your blog....:)

Happy eating!!!!

Would like to send this entry to 'Cook for yourself' event hosted by RV.


  1. Kitchen Flavours said...
    Is it wheat halwa?
    Rohini said...
    On a condition, though! If I guess it right, I must get to eat this right away!!
    Is it..ha ha halwa?? The secret ingredient could be "Wheat flour" or "Sooji"!! :)
    Malar Gandhi said...
    Halwa? Jelly? whatever it is...sweet right, then count me in:)
    Sh... said...
    Gals!! Thanks so much for your response.

    Malar Gandhi: How come u made the right guess that its a sweet in spite of me mentioning it in my post..:)

    Rohini: Swiss is not too far away from NJ. Do drop by anytime to taste this leftover halwa if u don't know what to do with the bucks that u have...:)

    Kitchen Flavours: Ur guess is right. Its halwa. But I'm sure its obvious by looking at the pic

    For u all and for others too: Would be great if u could let me know the exact name and the secret ingredient. Its served in most of the south Indian weddings but strangely has a north indian name
    Sushma Mallya said...
    is it kashi halwa???but must say eyecatching colour
    Vidya Rao said...
    Is it Potato halwa?
    Malar Gandhi said...
    I am waiting for the answer, dear!:)
    Rohini said...
    Yay... I was almost close!! ;)
    I wish I had some many bucks!! If I had, I'd never mind to come down for that yummy halwa! Nice try dear! :)
    Priya said...
    Just love this...glossy halwa looks yumm!
    Malar Gandhi said...
    Thanks for the answer, he he.

    How sweet of you...

    Kashi Halwa sounds kool. Sure its glossy:)
    RV said...
    hmm.. yummy yummy..
    Sh... said...
    Sushma: Gr8 try!!!. Assume that I'm crowning u with an attractive diamond crown. That's what I would be able to do right now..:(
    Vidya: Potato is definitely not a bad guess. Next in my list is this one. Thanks for the idea..:)
    Malar: Thanks so much for reminding me
    Rohini: Show your comment to ur financier.:)
    Priya and RV: Thanks so much for your comments..

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