Friday, October 23, 2009

This is my first entry for Taste & Create and I'm glad I was paired with Chaya from Sweet and Savory Says it All. I got to know a lot of baked recipes from her blog. As I don't eat meat or chicken or egg, I did some hunting for a dish sans these items. There I arrived at this soup which is sure to impress you all.

Before me going to the recipe, I would like to say a few words about 'Taste & Create'  a food event started by Nicole from For the Love of Food. Every month we would be paired with another fellow blogger. Our job is to replicate one of their recipe. Does it sound interesting??. Do drop by their site and enroll if interested.

Now let hop on to the recipe. 


margarine - 1/4 cup(I used butter instead)
minced onions - 2 tbsps
Thinly sliced carrots - 1 cup
Chopped green pepper - 3/4 cup
red cabbage (colors soup - you might want to use white cabbage) - 3/4 cup
water - 1 cup
flour - 1/4 cup(I used corn flour)
milk - 2 cups
shredded cheddar and muenster cheese, combined (1/2 lb.) - 2cups
finely minced parsley


1. Heat butter in a pan.
2. Add onions and fry till translucent.
3. Add other vegetables and fry for sometime.
4.Pour water and let it cook for 15 min. Simmer the flame.
5. Mix flour and milk and pour this mixture slowly over the cooked vegetables.
6. Add cheese and cook till it melts
7.Garnish with minced parsley.
8. I added salt and pepper for taste.

This is a perfect, healthy, delicious food for all ages.

Happy cooking!!!

This soup is participating in WFY Light Meal by EC and Say Cheese event hosted by  Sara's Corner


  1. Sushma Mallya said...
    A new soup, never heard abt this one before...surely looks delicious...
    Pari said...
    Lovely soup Gethan. Perfect for the approaching winter. I have submitted a triple choco berry brownie for the event.
    Sangeetha Subhash said...
    Super ...creamy and yummy soup..can u pass the bowl pls..:)
    Sweet and Savory said...
    I am glad you liked the soup. I don't have access to my computer so I have not been able to post the photos. I think, I will have access, tomorrow and I hope you approve of what I did.

    I don't know all your spices but I loved your recipes, anyway. Thanks for sharing with me.
    Rohini said...
    Wow.. Thats a absolutely yummy soup!! I am game!!! :)
    Buddy, Just stopped by to say that you’ve been tagged. Please collect your award dear!!
    Raje said...
    Rich and creamy soup. New to me, a must try!
    Saraswathi Iyer said...
    New to me. Looks perfect and yummy. Thank you for participating in my event.

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